Kitchen Tile Flooring – Transform Your Kitchen Overnight

If you have decided to change the flooring in your kitchen to tiles then you could not have made a better decision. Tiles in a kitchen can totally transform it from a normal, average room into a room,  that the family will want to spend time in.

Considering the usage that the kitchen gets, tiles are perfect as they are hard-wearing and durable. With the proper care and maintenance, your tiles will still look brand new even fifteen years later. Definitely a good investment for your property. Here is quick guide to finding the perfect tiles and how to keep them looking good for years to come.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 1

Shop around and do not buy the first tiles that you see, from the first shop that you come across. Very often there are clearance sales on kitchen tiles. Manufacturers are always bringing out new styles and colors to stay top of the market.

When you shop around, you can also gain a better idea of who provides the best quality for the best prices. Some companies may promise free delivery and installation whilst others will charge you for this. Perform a search on the internet for possible colors and designs before you go shopping.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 2

Decide whether you will employ someone to lay the kitchen tiles for you, or if you will do the job yourself. If carrying out this task yourself,  then make sure you are fully prepared and ready with all equipment. Consider that you will have to move all household items out of the kitchen to lay the floor. This includes kitchen units, fridges and washing machines. Read up on the task before hand and if you are in any doubt whether you can complete it to 100% perfection,  then employ someone else to do it instead. Alternatively some companies will have the service either free of charge or at an additional costs.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 3

Maintenance of tiles over the years is very easy. When purchasing tiles, order an extra ten just in case they get chipped. Single tiles are easily replaced. Every three years you should re-grout if the grouting looks dirty. Re-grouting is a very easy job of which even novices can complete.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 4

Cleaning your tiles is also very simply and easy. Remember that your kitchen will get a lot of use from all the family so consider cleaning your floors every day. It only takes five minutes. A brush will collect any dust or objects that have fallen onto the floor. If there are any stains, then add a bit of vinegar to a bucket of water. Mop the floor with a damp mop. It can beleft to dry however if you want a tremendous shine then buff it dry with a cloth.

Kitchen tiles are very easy to take care of and over the years, very little maintenance is required. It is one of those purchases that once made, you will wonder how you ever manged without them.

Discount Tile Flooring

Making the decision to have tiles on the floors in your home is a good one. Tiles can totally transform a house and they are do not take a lot of maintenance or care. They are easy to clean and will last for many years to come. When deciding on what type of tiles to buy, you will more than likely have a budget. If this is a small budget, then you should consider looking for discounted tiles. Saving money when buying tiles can be done if you follows some hints and tips first.

Discount tile flooring – Hint number 1

Perform an internet search. Simply type “discount tile flooring” into a search engine like Google and it will produce many pages of companies. Now some companies may claim to have discounted prices, however if their prices were high to start with, then you are not saving any money. This is why you should shop around so you can get a general idea of prices and the quality and standard you should expect.

With any company that you come across, their website should list their whole range. Companies that are very busy and successful, are able to offer cheaper prices as they buy the tiles themselves in bulk. They also may have a special offer every month on a different design or brand. Alternatively a company may just be starting out so they will have special offer prices to encourage customers and build up their share in the market.

Also look for clearance sales, these are tiles of which production has stopped on a particular design or color. There is nothing wrong with them. The manufacturer simply wants them out of their warehouse to use the space for something else. If buying clearance sales tiles, then you will find them delivered in the packaging and of 100% quality.

Discount tile flooring – Hint number 2

If you plan on ordering your tiles over the internet, then make a note of which country the company is located in. Finding fabulous discounted tiles is great, however if you have to pay over the odds for shopping costs, then it defeats the object in the first place.

Also try to barter with the company that you are purchasing from. More than likely if you have the cash ready, then you will be able to negotiate a big discount, even if they have already given you 10% off.

Discount tile flooring – Hint number 2

If you can not get discounted prices off the tiles, then ask if installation can be done free of charge, or delivery costs can be wavered. Alternatively you may also consider laying the tiles down yourself. There are many good DIY books or guidance articles on the internet, with step by step instructions on how to lay tile flooring.

The key to saving money when buying floor tiles is simply to shop around. Do not make any impulse purchases if you have not compared designs, brands and colors before hand. Shop around first and then you will know when buying, if you really are getting a bargain. Once you have your bargain, then you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Tile Flooring Ideas: Giving Your Floor Personality

With advancements and innovations in home design as well as expanding creativity and style, tile flooring ideas now go beyond the bathroom and the kitchen. In the more traditional days, tiles were only used in rooms with a lot of moisture, traffic, rough and tumble. Now, you can use tiles to beautify your living room, make your bedroom more dramatic and so on. With tiles having so many different textures, colors and designs, the possibilities are also endless for tile flooring ideas.

You can go with one kind of tile when you want flooring that is durable and beautiful. You can also mix and match different materials too. Together with your imagination and creativity, you can create a flooring design that’s unique to your home and give the rooms of your house a great personality, your personality. To make sure you utilize the wide selection of tile flooring ideas, you have to know about the various kinds of tiles that you can work with to install on your floor.

First, you have porcelain tiles. These tiles are made by firing at high temperatures. They are also very dense and moisture resistant. You can purchase porcelain in a variety of shades and colors. Porcelain tiles are the most expensive though but with them you have tile flooring ideas that can mimic stone and other materials.

You also have ceramic tiles. This kind of tile is the inexpensive way to achieve the look of granite or marble floors. They can give the effect of having water on your floors that’s oh so dramatic. Another kind of tile you can use as flooring is metal tile. These are either industrial gratings or stainless steel. If you want your floor to have the look of brass, bronze or steel, this is the one to go for. You can mix and match this tile with other kinds of tiles to accent the floor and create a point of interest in the room.

One of the most traditional flooring ideas to go for is using terracotta tiles. You can get a handcrafted look for your floors with this kind of tile. You can use it in the regular square shape or get ones in octagon shapes, etc. Put a picture on your floors with mosaic tiles. You can make a pattern or lay them out randomly for a unique design. Lastly, you’ve got glass tiles. These can be used as tile flooring ideas to give a quality finished look to any room.