Kitchen Tile Flooring – Transform Your Kitchen Overnight

If you have decided to change the flooring in your kitchen to tiles then you could not have made a better decision. Tiles in a kitchen can totally transform it from a normal, average room into a room,  that the family will want to spend time in.

Considering the usage that the kitchen gets, tiles are perfect as they are hard-wearing and durable. With the proper care and maintenance, your tiles will still look brand new even fifteen years later. Definitely a good investment for your property. Here is quick guide to finding the perfect tiles and how to keep them looking good for years to come.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 1

Shop around and do not buy the first tiles that you see, from the first shop that you come across. Very often there are clearance sales on kitchen tiles. Manufacturers are always bringing out new styles and colors to stay top of the market.

When you shop around, you can also gain a better idea of who provides the best quality for the best prices. Some companies may promise free delivery and installation whilst others will charge you for this. Perform a search on the internet for possible colors and designs before you go shopping.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 2

Decide whether you will employ someone to lay the kitchen tiles for you, or if you will do the job yourself. If carrying out this task yourself,  then make sure you are fully prepared and ready with all equipment. Consider that you will have to move all household items out of the kitchen to lay the floor. This includes kitchen units, fridges and washing machines. Read up on the task before hand and if you are in any doubt whether you can complete it to 100% perfection,  then employ someone else to do it instead. Alternatively some companies will have the service either free of charge or at an additional costs.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 3

Maintenance of tiles over the years is very easy. When purchasing tiles, order an extra ten just in case they get chipped. Single tiles are easily replaced. Every three years you should re-grout if the grouting looks dirty. Re-grouting is a very easy job of which even novices can complete.

Kitchen tile flooring – Hint 4

Cleaning your tiles is also very simply and easy. Remember that your kitchen will get a lot of use from all the family so consider cleaning your floors every day. It only takes five minutes. A brush will collect any dust or objects that have fallen onto the floor. If there are any stains, then add a bit of vinegar to a bucket of water. Mop the floor with a damp mop. It can beleft to dry however if you want a tremendous shine then buff it dry with a cloth.

Kitchen tiles are very easy to take care of and over the years, very little maintenance is required. It is one of those purchases that once made, you will wonder how you ever manged without them.